Get your bus on time. But don’t waste your life time by waiting for!

TeqBuzz is a company based out of Germany enabling people to track passenger vehicles such as public and private buses, trams and trains in real-time. Therefore it develops tracking hardware and software, implements into vehicles, acquires movement data and provides accurate location information of each connected vehicle to public users on their mobile devices and on desktop PCs in real-time - Apps and Web based. On fulfilling our objectives TeqBuzz GmbH receives financial support from the European Union (EFRE).

The problem

Public transportation can be headache - especially in developing countries. Among other that is due to huge population vs. small/ old fleets and bad infrastructure, which lead to punctuality problems (schedules not kept, etc.), hence people have to wait long time at bus stands.

The solution

TeqBuzz develops low-cost hardware (GPS + data link) and deploys those on public/private vehicles like buses and trains, as well as develops software (backend platform, mobile apps, web portal) in order to track connected vehicles on users smart phones and on the web in real-time.

Advantages to Passengers

  • Smart mobility:  Optimized and just on time commuting
  • Free of cost:  TeqBuzz is free of cost to use
  • Save Time & Hassle: 
    1. User can accurately organize travels just in time – no more long waiting at bus stands
    2. Mobile & website based tracking
    3. Connections and transits can be aligned accurately
  • Social travelling:  Let your family & friends track your vehicle, or meet friends on time by group travel tracking, etc.
  • Globally applicable:  Tourists and visitors can easily commute using public transportation services by using TeqBuzz
  • Can be extended to other services (trains, trams, ships)
  • Ideal for tourists and visitors of new places
  • Automated call center service for non-connected users (user calls and gets current bus position of interest)

Advantages to operators

  • Connected buses using TeqBuzz can attract more passengers than non-connected buses, since only connected buses will be visible for users on their devices
  • Operators can utilize fleets more efficiently
  • TeqBuzz's technology can be used for passenger security (e.g. triggering alarm if vehicles deviate from routes)
  • Road safety: Continuously monitoring vehicle’s speed can lead to less accidents (as bus accidents are very often and cause extreme casualties in developing countries)
  • By avoiding traffic jams through better traffic guidance fleet operators can save fuel and hence money in long term perspective

Advantages to communities

  • Green traveling/mobility